Take Charge Workshop

Join me for a ½ day disruption so you can: Take charge of your future; Gain confidence to manage it all; Gear up your survival kit; Grow your ability to adapt; Influence others to get the results that are needed.

The Invisible Leader

Leadership is being discussed everywhere. The challenges for leaders abound. From the need for speed, information overload, customer and shareholder demands, loss of control, employee engagement, innovation, disruption and more.


I’m kind of almost over wondering why so many struggle with influencing and implementing change, and am more focused on the how of alternative approaches. I’m not on my own. For many organisations there is a negative shared experience of using existing approaches to change. A different way is required, because we now have all the ingredients for a new recipe.

Zero to hero

Zero to hero One of the largest, most complex and exciting challenges of my career took me overseas for almost a year. This $500m project was so epic; I’ll give you just the first 100 days. When faced with large, complex programs, many people don’t know where to start. I ‘cut to the chase’ by asking critical questions that speed design and implementation.

If change is the new normal then why not normalise it?

Speaking with a group of 28 professionals at a recent Melbourne Water Master class was energising and reaffirming. It crystallised my own belief about change. During the session, which covered some big topics such as engagement in an era of constant change, influencing stakeholders in the new networked environment, and how to develop a social media enabled enterprise, one common element kept coming up.