Take Charge Workshop

Have you ever felt…

  • Cranky that your line manager is powerless and your company a dinosaur
  • Floundering within the madness and chaos of same-same approaches
  • Frustrated with where you’re at and what you’re doing
  • Exhausted with constant change & wonder how to deal with it
  • Anxious about the uncertain future
  • Annoyed that you have a lot more to contribute, but are not being heard?

Then try this…

Join me for a ½ day disruption so you can:

  • Take charge of your future
  • Gain confidence to manage it all
  • Gear up your survival kit
  • Grow your ability to adapt
  • Influence others to get the results that are needed.

The increasing imperative for survival in the marketplace is for individuals to take charge of their own destiny, become adaptable, and ready to take or create opportunities faster. These small group workshops will assist you to take the next step to packaging you, managing your future and influencing in uncertain and turbulent times.

Key Details

Melbourne CBD
8:30-12:30 OR 1:30-5:30
$495 per person (incl. gst)
“Having recently participated in Jude’s “Take Charge” workshop I can vouch for the value one get’s out of these. The great thing about these workshops are not just the tools and techniques Jude goes through to uncover motivations, drivers and personality… any good coach would do that for you… it’s in learning from someone who is a thought leader, innovator and a disruptor of status quo. Her knowledge is only matched by the energy she brings to her discussions. I would highly recommend these workshops for anyone who’s ready to take that next step in their career.” –  Has Razwi