Melbourne Females in IT & T

I enjoyed speaking at the inaugural Melbourne Females in IT & T event for International Women’s Day last week.  My core theme was: Change is constant, life is change, change starts with the self. In my experience there are still too many women asking for permission to live the lives they want to lead and to do the things they want to do. I spoke about that saying “it’s easier to beg forgiveness than to ask for permission”. I believe that if more women acted fully on the courage they already have and took risks, rather than taking a compromised position in their work and private lives, then the reality would be different. I left the audience with 9 secrets every career woman must know, from the book ‘Why good girls don’t get ahead but gutsy girls do’ by Kate White.

  1. A good girl follows the rules, a gutsy girl breaks the rules or makes her own
  2. A good girl tries to do everything, a gutsy girl has one clear goal at a time
  3. A good girl works her tail off, a gutsy girl does only what’s essential
  4. A good girl wants everybody to like her, a gutsy girl doesn’t worry whether people like her
  5. A good girl keeps a low profile, a gutsy girl walks and talks like a winner
  6. A good girl waits patiently to get raises and promotions, a gutsy girl asks for what she wants
  7. A good girl avoids confrontations, a gutsy girl faces trouble head-on
  8. A good girl worries about other people’s opinions, a gutsy girl trusts her instincts
  9. A good girl never takes risks, a gutsy girl takes smart risks I am still reminding myself of these and trying to put them in to practice almost every day.

Media coverage


“Thanks to our speakers for inspiring us at the inaugural Melb #fitt_IWD @judehorrill, Katerina Andronis, Grainne Kearns & Maggie Alexander! FITT females in IT & T @FITT_AU “Good girl V gutsy girl analogy great way to empower females in IT @FITT_AU

Sydney Morning Herald article

“Female quotas are a necessary evil to guarantee enough women rise to the top echelon of business and public life in Australia, according to a panel of female technology and business leaders. At an event organised by Females in IT and Telecommunications (FiTT) to celebrate International Women’s Day in Melbourne last week, five women imparted personal stories of rising to the top of their professions. They shared their successes and their failures and independently advised other women to ‘go for it’. They advised them to carve their own paths based on their strengths, instinct and expertise; give opportunity to other women and not worry about what others thought. ”

Women.com.au weekly column

“Jude Horrill, Head of communications Global Technology, Services and Operations ANZ, was the final speaker, and the perfect way to sum up the excitement the speeches invoked.  Horrill began her working life as a professional musician, but realised something had to change.  She chose to move on and into a new industry, illustrating that change is constant and must start with the self.  Using her life as an example, she demonstrated her point with gusto, ensuring every person attending knew that change will only happen if we change ourselves for the better first.”  Christina Yiannakis, Author Woman.com.au weekly column. Full story: http://www.woman.com.au/success-is-not-linear-path-career-change/